Winning concepts on demand

For companies looking for outside assistance with product development, Crispy Food is an ideal partner. We supply uniquely appealing concepts that combine product and packaging in ways that delight consumers. And our ability to also produce your new solution means time-saving “one-stop-shopping” for your entire project.

Our 5-step concept development process results in a premium, clearly differentiated product that will win over consumers from Day One. Here’s how it works.


1.  Trend research

At Crispy Food, concept development starts with a review of cutting-edge trends in dairy and other food products – carried out by in-house trendspotters and external partners.

Learn more about Crispy Food trendspotting


2.  Concept generation

In dialogue with you and armed with insight into current trends, technical possibilities and broad experience, we propose a unique product concept for further development and testing

What kind of ideas do we bring to the table?


3.  Prototyping

A product developer assigned to your project initiates prototype development, contracts suppliers, and serves as your single point of contact.


4.  Final testing

Prior to production, we carry out testing on the finished product and packaging, before commencing production at our factory.


5.  Delivery

The process ends with delivery of a unique product that’s designed to meet your business needs and produced to the very highest quality and safety standards.