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Variations of Candy

Cocoa Biscuit

Conventional size 6 mm ( 500296)

Choko mini lentils

Conventional sugar coated

Choko mini lentils

Conventional sugar coated (500265)

Coco Chips

Conventional and roasted (500155)

Dark Chocolate Chunks

Conventional min.40% dark chokolate (500280)

Organic Milk Chocolate

Organic mil chocolate (450070)

Milk Choko Balls

Conventional coated crisped cereals (500035)

Dark choko balls

Conventional coated crisped cereals (500037)

Choko Balls White

Conventional coated crisped cereals (500039)

White Ghost Flakes

Conventional white flake with salt and toffee (500077)

White Chokolade

Conventional size 6x6 mm (500095)

Dark Choko Splits

Conventional size 6x6 mm (500099)

White Choko Chunks

Conventional size 7x10x4 mm (500281)

Chocolate Pieces

Conventional size 2-4 mm (500282)

White Biscuit

Conventional size 6mm (500295)

Chrushed lentils

Conventional crunched candy beans (500290)

Crushed Oreos

Conventional size 2-8 mm (500289)

Assorted Fruit Crispies

Conventional coloured coated crisp rice (500277)

Black Cocoa Cookies

Conventional size 2-8 mm (500298)

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