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Variations of Fruit and Nuts

Pecan Nuts

Conventional and Diced

Pumpkin Seeds

Conventional Color Green

Sunflower Seeds

Organic Color Grey


Organic, Natural and Diced in 6-15 mm

Goji-berry Wolfberry

Conventional Color Red Low So2


Conventional, without So2


Conventional Infused with sugar

Freeze-dried Beets

Conventional Cubes in 6x6x6 mm

Freeze-dried Cranberry

Conventional and Sliced in 6 mm

Freeze-dried Strawberry

Conventional and Sliced in 2-5 mm

Freeze-dried Apples

Organic, Dehydrated apple dices with skin

Freeze-dried Organic raspberry

Organic and Sliced in 6-12 mm

Organic Hazelnut

Organic Chopped in 2-4 mm

Organic Blackcurrant

Organic Infused with Juice contr.

Organic Hazelnut

Organic, Roasted and Chopped in 4-10 mm

Organic Cashew Nut

Organic, Roasted and chopped in 4-16 mm

Cherry Pieces

Conventional sliced in 5x5 mm

Orange Peel

Conventional sliced in 6x6 mm


Conventional chopped in 2-4 mm

Brazil Nuts


Freeze-dried Raspberry

Conventional sliced in 0-6 mm

Whole Cherries


Nut Cranberry Mix


Cluster Mandarla Mandel


Banana Chips

Conventional, Roasted and sliced in 1-5mm


Conventional in Cubes without So2

Hazelnut, blueberry, cranberry

Mixed sample

Root crop mix

Mixed sample

Fruits + Seed

Mixed sample

Freeze-dried Acai crunchy

Conventional Sliced in 2-10 mm

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