Crispy Food has agreed to acquire the remaining 50% of the joint-venture, NISCO, to become sole shareholder in the company and double-down on its dedication to the existing growth efforts. Crispy Food and AM Nutrition have reached this agreement after four years of joint-venture partnership, which has established NISCO as a leading supplier of plant protein ingredients for the food industry.

Since 2018 NISCO has built its position in the market based on deep raw material and production technology expertise of the joint-venture partners. Today, NISCO is one of the leading producers and suppliers of texturized pea protein, which is used in many applications such as meat-replacement or hybrids to secure perfect taste, texture, and nutrition.

For the next phase of growth and business development, Crispy Food and AM Nutrition have now agreed on a new operational model, which will enable shorter time-to-market and an even stronger co-development with customers.

Crispy Food has worked actively with plant proteins for more than 10 years based on extensive experience with extrusion of breakfast foods. As Denmark’s largest producer of cereal and breakfast products, Crispy Food has more than 100 years of experience and is a leading partner for R&D and product development to the food industry. Today, Crispy Food works closely with customers to co-create innovative, unique, and sustainable products across all product ranges, including its own OTA brand.

“Becoming the sole shareholder of NISCO is a strong signal of our ambition within plant-based foods. Across our organization and at our Nakskov facilities particularly, we have built unique competences within texturized pea protein for which we see long-term market opportunities driven by an increased demand for natural and sustainable food solutions” says Christian Bring, CEO of Crispy Food.

Roar Feedt, CEO of AM Nutrition, added: ”AM Nutrition will focus on its production and sales of native pea products into the global market place. We are happy to have found with Crispy Food, a good agreement for both parties to move forward in the market for vegetable products”.

With the acquisition of NISCO, Crispy Food has strengthened its unique position to serve international customers with attractive, natural, and sustainable food solutions.


NISCO is one of the leading producers and suppliers of texturized pea protein, which is used in many applications such as meat-replacement or hybrids, as well as other nutritional optimized foods. Sustainability and innovation are the core elements at the heart of NISCO’s identity.

About Crispy Food

Crispy Food A/S is Denmark’s largest producer of breakfast products and a supplier to major branded players in Denmark and Europe, as well as the owner of one of Denmark’s strongest breakfast brands, OTA SOLGRYN. We produce innovative food solutions based on cereals and plant proteins every day and focus on long-term, profitable growth, which is sustained through R&D, factory optimizations and acquisitions. Today, Crispy Food has three production sites in Gørlev and Nakskov, Denmark and Rybnik, Poland.

About AM Nutrition

AM Nutrition was established in 2006. Our company is a subsidiary of the Norwegian agro cooperative, Felleskjøpet Rogaland Agder (FKRA). FKRA is a leading company within the food value chain and gastronomy clusters in the South-western part of Norway.

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