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Crispy Food is dedicated to delivering uniform high quality and accurate on-time deliveries of the services and products we provide to our customers. As an innovation-driven company, we invest heavily in the latest, most efficient plant equipment. Our tightly managed processes, careful allergen management, good manufacturing practices, and highly trained, conscientious employees make sure our entire operation meets the highest safety- and quality standards.

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As we manufacture everything at our factories, we have full control of all production processes.

We produce top-quality products and make sure our entire operation meets the highest safety- and quality standards based on the HACCP principles. During every phase of the production process, quality is closely monitored. Our systems and procedures are continually inspected by customer audits to ensure compliance with legislation and Customer Codes of Conducts. We are also a Sedex member and SMETA-audited, which ensures ethical business practices are followed in the company.

Reliable systems, highly trained Staff

Food safety has the absolute highest priority at Crispy Food, and is ensured via thorough risk assessment and extensive programmes, including:

  • Internal risk assessments – raw materials, process, finished goods
  • Implemented and validated cleaning procedures to eliminate the risk of cross contamination by allergens
  • State-of-the-art food production facilities/equipment
  • We only use carefully evaluated partners/suppliers – selected and monitored by well-established supplier management programs
  • GMP procedures in production, including training programs
  • Maintaining very high standards for cleanliness/hygiene
  • A firmly established new product development (NPD) process that uses automated, monitored process flows to make sure any potential issue is discovered and handled in time
  • From procuring raw materials, product development and production, to packing and dispatch, every aspect of our production process is carefully checked and approved via our FSSC 22000-certified quality assurance programs for food safety management.
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