Environmental Social Government

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ESG is one of our top priorities

We want to take our share of responsibility and contribute to solving the global health and sustainability challenges. We maintain and comply with a clearly worded Code of Conduct stipulating compliance with all applicable environmental, workplace health and safety, and similar legislation.

Sustainable business with our customers and suppliers

We favor suppliers and distributors with high standards for CSR. We require all Crispy Food’s suppliers to sign – on behalf of themselves and their suppliers – an agreement of full compliance with our Code of Cconduct. We perform risk assessment on selected suppliers if suspicion of elevated risks occurs.

Environmental Protection & Workplace Health and Safety

Our manufacturing operations have a very low environmental impact, and we have waste-sorting and energy-efficiency policies. We conduct workplace risk assessments regularly and ensure all new employees are thoroughly familiar with our policies.

Within the food industry, sustainability is gaining more focus than ever!

We carefully select suppliers and collaborators who agree to comply with our Code of Conduct, ensuring that Crispy Food’s high quality and ethics are maintained.

Waste management

Waste management

Aiming for “Zero Food Waste”, we use the residual waste from our production as an ingredient in animal feed. We are also very environmentally aware of making sure we sort our waste correctly. We sort our cardboard, foil and paper separately, to ensure re-usage and re-cycling.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

At Crispy Food we are especially aware of environmentally friendly production processes and are committed to responsible usage of energy, water and raw materials. We implemented of heat recovery in Gørlev and Nakskov – Utilization of surplus heat from factory production processes for heating premises and hot water. To stay on track for the future, we are also investing heavily in the latest and most efficient production equipment.



Food packaging plays a huge part in protecting food from harmful contaminants and keeping the consumers safe. By choosing the right packaging, you can extend the shelf life of your product, thereby also decreasing the wasting of food. If the consumer also recycles the packaging correctly, the impact on the environment after use is severely minimized. Overall, we are working on the aspects above by:

  • Having Top Cups containing minimum 85% recycled plastic.
  • Sealing our Top Cups with aluminum or PET lids, both produced in mono materials to ease re-use and recycling.
  • Using cardboard that consists of a mixture of new and old recyclable paper, which is FSC certified and suitable for recycling.
Raw materials

Raw materials

The raw materials we use are carefully selected so that we can always offer products that are as natural as possible. Our products are GMO-free and we do not use palm oil in our production. We are continually improving our approach to traceability and supply chain control to ensure the best ingredients. We know our suppliers and their raw materials and we can trace them from the breakfast bowl to the field. By working with us, you can be sure that your products are produced under optimal circumstances.