Plant Balls

Crispy Food
  1. Mix NISCO TP55M with water and spices. TP55M hydrates while stirring on a mixer at the lowest speed. It will take approx. 20-30 minutes before the right particle size is reached. While NISCO TP55M is being hydrated, the binding emulsion is prepared.
  2. Mix Oil, and Vivapur in a thermomixer. The Thermomixer is started on speed 3, is it important that the oil is mixed well with the binder (Vivapur).
  3. Water <2°C is added while stirring. When the water has been added, increase the speed to 6-8. It is important to mixed to a stable emulsion.
  4. Mix the binding emulsion with the Hydrated NISCO TP55M.
  5. Shape into the desired size meatballs and boil or steam untiI a core temperature of 75 degrees is achieved.

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